Minister Champika’s Duplicity on Homagama Techno-City Project – Organization for the Protection of Public Rights in Homagama


Ravindra Mudalige expressed his views on behalf of the Organization for the Protection of the public Rights on Media briefing held in connection with the land plundering and environmental devastations in Homagama area.

The initial work on the Innovative Technological City Project has already started in Padukka Divisional Secretariat and Malambe Kaduwela division Secretariat under Ministry of Western and urban developmental council.

The secretary of the Ministry of Меgapolis states that  the project is spreading over 165 square kilometres. However, there is a discrepancy in the statements which have been published. According to an official document, it is revealed that 3970 acres of the Mahanwatta Research and Development Zone has allocated to the project. As the project covers a considerable land share, it causes enormous environmental damages. It is evident that the people live in the area would face huge issues due to the environmental damage rather than getting benefit from the project.

Champika Ranawaka has recently stated that the land will not be taken over. It is clear that the above decision has been taken due to the election. However, when the masses gathered in the area to protect the environment previously, the minister didn’t even listen to the people’s voice.

 Therefore, as the disastrous project is revealed, relevant officials should urge to take back the projects to the lands which the government belongs to instead of residential areas.