Marawila Police Arrested Front Line Socialist Party Members.


It is reported that at various locations police have been continuing to suppress the political activities of the Front Line Socialist Party by using election laws.

FLSP has launched public awareness campaign despite the party does not contest the election. While the party members engaged in a publicity campaign at Nattandiya market on the 28; Marawila police has arrested three members. Further, the Police have detained the van used for propaganda purposes by the party.
The arrest has been made with the charges of violations of election laws. However, it is reported that none of the party members violated the election laws. Police have detained the members for a long period in the police to disrupt the election champagne. One of the arrested members stated that most of the political forces want to put to an end of spreading leftist political views and ideas among the public.
By doing so, politicians can mislead the public easily and get the votes to maintain political projects without being questioning. For that purpose they have been using the police to control the leftist views and propaganda activities of the party, he added.