Debate on Treasury Bond Scam Report is Scheduled to be held on the 6th February!


The Parliament will assemble on the 6th February 2018 at 10.30 a.m to  debate the reports of the Presidential Commission which investigated the treasury bond scam and the Commission of Inquiry appointed to investigate into serious acts of fraud and corruption said the Deputy General Secretary of the parliament Mr. Neel Iddawela.

However the special party leader meeting held under the Speaker. Karu Jayasooriya was failure.  Even the meeting officiated by the President along with the special party leader’s regarding holding a parliament debate on the report of treasury bond scam and serious acts of fraud and corruption too ended up in a failure.The debate was earlier set to take place on February 20 and 21st was too cancelled due to non-agreement of the party leaders’ at a meeting held on the 24th January.

Members of JVP and Joint Opposition claimed that they were in favour of having the debate before the Local Government election but the government ignored their proposal.