A Protest Against Unfair Class Suspension- Jaffna University Students Boycott Lectures


First and second year undergraduate Students of Jaffna University art faculty started to boycott lectures demanding immediately reversing the decision to suspend the students barring them attending lectures.
Students started protesting against the arbitrary decision by the administration to suspend all year 3 & 4 art faculty students by the administration, the students union mentioned.
There has been a disciplinary inquiry scheduled on the 15th,but it has been postponed indefinitely by the university authorities because two students were still receiving treatment in hospital.
The students in the first and second years of the Arts Faculty have launched to boycott lectures , demanding that the students who have been harassed and severely repressed by the university authorities be reinstated back to go for regular lectures.
Students’ representatives in the first and second year of the Arts Faculty have requested students of other faculties to join their protest.