About 40,000 Lankan Refugees who fled during the War Still Suffer in India !


According to Indian Ministry of Indigenous Affairs sources; 39,784 Sri Lankan Tamil refugees live in 107 asylum camps in Tamil Nadu state. This information has revealed during the survey conducted by Tamil Nadu Province. According to the survey,these buildings in the camp are more than 100 years old,and they are not convenient and safe for the refugees. The Camps should be provided with new buildings and facilities which suitable for living standards.

The survey conducted after a request by Deputy Chief Minister, O. PanirSelvam, Central Government of Tamil Nadu to consider of granting citizenship to those who are seeking refuge in the country. Measures have not been taken yet to safeguarding the refugees’ rights neither Rajapasha regime nor Ranil- Maithree government even after eight years of ending the war. Also, so-called Tamil leaders who have come into power with votes of the innocent peoplehave completely neglected the vulnerable asylum seekers.

The leftmovement has an unconditional responsibility to protect the refugees who are living in India and Lanka as capitalists’ governments and politicians have abandoned them nearly a decade.