Two Children Facing Death due to Liver Failure, Demands the Rights of Free Health Service


According to media reports; two children are in danger in Nawagaththegama area as they don’t have money to afford for liver transplant surgeries.

The children named Jinuli Jinthara (3) and her brother Chamika Harshana (5) were born to a low-income family at Nawgaththegama, Mahanderawewa; are in danger. Further to that three elder siblings of the same family had died due to the liver failure when they were very young children. Due to elder children’s death, parents were alarmed about Januli and Chamika’s health. As a result, the two young children were taken into medical examination as soon as they were born. Although the doctors recommended liver transplantation to be carried out to keep the children alive, their disabled army soldier father and mother, cannot meet the expenses for the surgeries. According to doctors, the younger girl, Jinuli, must have undergone a liver transplant within a year and a half, and only three months left for her elder brother Chamika. Now parents have to wait for their children to die as they have no alternative or support; Or to seek solutions from a criminal act like robbery for money; if not suicide the whole family. This is a good example of the connection of people’s right to life and free health services in the country. The politicians of the country would come forward and donated money from Suraksha fund only if this news spreads and they would gain praise. However, it is vital for fighting to secure free health services for the sake of people of the country rather than deceiving by short-term and forged propaganda campaigns.