Plantation Workers take Brickbats to Stave off Special Task Force Suppression.


A group of STF officers who had gone to raid an illegal liquor brewery at Eltab estate in Passara have been attacked by a estate workers throwing brickbats, the media reported.
Armed Special Task Force personnel have been joined Passsara Agaratenna police officers involved in the attempted raid.
A police constable attached to STF was injured and hospitalized after being attacked by a group of about 40 plantation workers throwing stones, said the Passara Police.
The social researchers have pointed out that the plantation workers are living with a Rs. 550 daily wage and they spent their time with addiction of the illicit liquor and drugs. The estate workers who do not have proper houses to live, have given no right to a proper education or healthcare service. The so-called trade unions elites who call themselves as plantation leaders, betrayed the vote of the plantation masses to capitalist politics at every election.
The reason for the repression of the workers is that the rulers operate only in the name of the liquor racketeering and have taken no action to change the life standard of the workers who eventually succumbs to alcohol abuse.
Finally, plantation workers will be imprisoned on charges of assaulting the police. Some prisoners may will be dead inside the prison mysteriously. The Police Media Spokesperson will then issue death certificates for those deaths claiming as a suicide.
To save the plantation worker from this vicious circle, there is no other way than organizing a political awareness among the masses.