Corpse of Lankan Mother Brought from Saudi, 3 years after Death !


It is reported that the body of a mother from Kithulhitiyawa, Kekirawa who died in Saudi Arabia after falling from a three-story building, was brought to Sri Lanka on the 26th December at government expense.

Nelka Deepani Kumarasiri who  went to Saudi Arabia as a domestic worker in 2011 was to return home in 2013. But it is learnt that she was held in a house and made her to work without any pay. After months search for any information , K A Ganushka Theraj , son of the deceased learnt that mother had fallen from a three story building and was in a hospital with critical injuries. Later she died in November this year but all his attempts to mediate Foreign Employment Bureau to bring mother back to Sri Lanka was not successful.

Subsequently son had appealed through media to bring the deceased mother’s body home who  has reportedly been treated in a hospital for three years. Accordingly, the Foreign Employment Bureau had intervened to bring the corpse. The body of the deceased domestic servant had been sealed when it arrived, her son  reported.