Russian Suspect Gone Missing at Colombo – Sri Lanka Caught Up in US-Russia Legal Battle !


Manokhin Fedor Raufovich, a Russian national who had been using Internet to hack into computers for financial fraud had reportedly disappeared while in Colombo. He is reportedly a suspect wanted in USA.
The 22-year-old Russian has been accused by a Florida court for money laundering in personal accounts. The US Department of State and the Russian government are both parties to a case involving his arrest at the Colombo High Court. The American Embassy in the country has requested to hand over him to the authorities of the United States saying he’s been tried in a US Court, while the Russian Embassy demanding that he be returned to the country as he is a Russian citizenship of the country.
However, he was being on a High Court order to report to the police headquarters weekly, had disappeared after he had reported on December 1st. This disappearance is a question of whether he escaped or he was secretly escorted from any of the two countries. Especially when considering the Russian and U.S. intelligence agencies operations throughout the world, it is possible either of the countries may involve in his sudden disappearance. However, such an abduction of a suspect  wanted in a court in Sri Lanka challenge the sovereignty of Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka is committed to handing over a person who needs by USA according to the agreements signed with the United States. Moreover, the Government of Sri Lanka is committed to handing over a person who needs by Russia according to the agreements signed with Russia.
According to the agreements signed with the world’s powerful countries, the dignity of Sri Lanka is undermined and the Investigation into the disappearance of the suspect is to be handed over to the Criminal Investigation Department.