Local Government Reforms are Disadvantageous for the Government – President Demands Reduce the Number of Members.


President Maithripala Sirisena has instructed his staff to find ways to propose an amendment in order to reduce the number of Local Councilors.
According to the controversial local government election, the number of members of provincial councils has exceeded over 8000. According to the political sources, it is rumoured that the government is prepared to present a bill reducing the number of representatives by 50% due to the exceeding the number of members of local government bodies.
According to the previous local government selecting procedure, 4486 local government representatives had elected for 335 local government bodies; representing 271 provincial councils, 41 urban councils and 23 municipal councils. However, under the Former Rajapaksha Regime, the number of local government authorities has increased to 341and representatives has increased up to 8356. This fact has been published by the government gazette notifications 2043/56 and 2043/57.
There has been an opposition because of the bribery and the corruptions of the members, and also due to the high maintenance of a large number of members of the provincial institutions. They have been maintained by public funds and taxes which drain from the poorest in the country.
Meanwhile, the president pointed out at a cabinet meeting that due to the increase in the number of local government members, the public could object. The President has said that the increase in the number of members should be a matter that needs attention. The President has instructed his advisors to inquire the possibility of amendments to the Local Government Elections Act.