Government Trying to Cover Lalith and Kugan Abduction Case with a Fabricated New Story !


Government attorneys shamelessly attempted to verify that Lalith and Kugan had not been abducted and that they might have traveled overseas by boat.
This was stated at the Jaffna magistrate’s court yesterday (8th) when the case regarding the disappearance of political activists Lalith and Kugan was heard. They argued that the motorcycle belonged to Lalith and Kugan had been found on a road towards a fishing village so they may have skip the country using a fishermen’s boat.
However, the lawyers who appeared on behalf of the complainant had been able to easily break down the arguments and the case will be called again on the 26th of March. In most parts of the country, including Jaffna Peninsula, the majority of people are living in the coastline, and almost all the roads are headed towards the coast. So there’s a possibility that the government may bring the same ridiculous logic for thousands of other disappearances throughout the country.