Five Hospital Guards have been Dismissed for Refusing to Accept President’s Coercion !


A security officer and four security personnel have been interdicted for interrupting the attempt to enter a vehicle at the National Hospital’s exit gate, it has been reported to the Lankaviews. It was said that the President’s vehicle followed by a police vehicle has been prevented entering the exit gate by the security personnel.
An Officer In Charge, three female officers and one male offices working for LRDC Security Services, which belongs to the Land Reclamation and Development Corporation, have been suspended from work due to the incident.
Hospital workers say, they have been suspended as a result of their attempt to keep their duties right.
The main responsibility of the National Hospital’s security division is to control the entrance and exit gateways to the hospital premises. These security officers have been suspended due to preventing a forceful attempt by the presidential staff officers to enter the presidential vehicles through the hospital’s exit door.
When the LRDC Security Services was contacted for clarification on the matter, a responsible officer responded that a police motor vehicle has entered first, then the security guards tried to close the exit gate to prevent other vehicles entering. The security officers have then been told that the president is in the vehicle and they should be allowed to get in. However, the security officers did not allow them to enter through the exit gate, the responsible officer of LRDC security services mentioned.
The officer also mentioned that if the gate were not labelled as ‘EXIT’ anyone should be allowed to come in. Therefore an investigation is underway under the administration of the Presidential Security Division and the Ministry of Western Province and Megalopolis Development to analyse the matter.
He also explained that the security officers have been temporarily suspended for convenience of carrying out the investigation.