28th Commemoration of November Heroes – FLSP in the United Kingdom


The 28th Commemoration of November Heroes organised by the United Kingdom Committee of the Front Line Socialist Party was held at Wembley Vale Farm Sports Center in London on the 26th of November this year.
A political discussion criticality appreciating those who laid down their lives during the 1988-89 struggle followed by a recital of ” songs of liberation ” was included as the main events of the ceremony.
Member of the Political Bureau of SLFP, Chameera Koswatta joined the event from Sri Lanka via Skype.
We should remember comrades who involved in the struggle had sacrificed their lives on behalf of politically oppressed masses with the sole determination of creating a better society for them. We should discuss the positives and negatives of the struggle crushed by unleashing state terrorism.
It is becoming increasingly apparent that the November hero’s struggle was against the injustice and political oppression at the time. The new tactics of the imperialists have made the masses even more pressurised by the acute economic austerity. There is no justice in the present society without a struggle.
Because of the heroism that they had demonstrated in the struggles, the today’s society is demanding a practice that goes beyond a commemoration. The Member of the Political Bureau of SLFP emphasised.
The legacy left behind by the November heroes is an inspiration for everyone who struggle to build a socialist society, Chameera Koswatte mentioned.