Lankan Family on the verge of Deportation from New Zealand, Owing to Neurological Deficiency


New Zealand authorities have taken steps to revoke visa of Amarasinghes a Lankan Family after a memebr of Family was diagnosed with neurological deficiency.

On 26th Sunday Several hundred people in Queensland marched through the streets of Queenstown capital in support of a Sri Lankan family facing deportation. Radio New Zealand, announced that an appeal has been lodged with the Immigration and Protection Tribunal on behalf of Dinesha Amarasinghe, her husband and their three sons after their visas were revoked. She was diagnosed as a multiple sclerosis patient,.

The family have been living in New Zealand for eight years. There children, three boys — aged 8, 10 and 11 — don’t speak Sinhala. They speak English, and according to one of the school mums, they play a mean game of cricket too. They call them are Kiwi kids(depicting the familiarity of New Zealand).

Meanwhile, Hamish Walker, an MP for of New Zealand representing Clutha-Southland, has announced his plans to meet with the Associate Immigration Minister to discuss the case.