SL Army Commences an Island-wide Operation to Arrest Deserters !


Sri Lankan Army with the support of Police have decided to commence an island-wide operation to arrest 26000 soldiers who have deserted their regiments.
The General Amnesty declared for the Army absentees those who wanted to return was extended to ended on 22nd November. With the end of the chance extended, Army with the assistance of law enforcement authorities started an island-wide operation to apprehend absconding deserters. Army spokesman Major GeneraL Roshan Seneviratne disclosed that a total of 11,232 Army deserters including 15 Officers, 09 Officer Cadets and 11,208 Other Rank personnel had reported to their respective Regimental Centers seeking legal discharge during the Amnesty period. The Amnesty period was offered to Sri Lanka Army personnel, who are considered as AWOL (Absent Without Leave) to obtain legal discharge, from 23rd October to 22nd November (2017).
The wave of deserting armed forces had deep roots. To sketch the process briefly the deserted soldiers despite their reason of action, have become a social menace. But the authorities too have no solutions for their grievances. During the war period, armed forces used allowances and privileges to attract youth into life risking duties and a social acceptance was also there. After the end of military offensives in north, soldiers have experienced reduction of allowances those existed during the war time. The armed forces was assigned duties of civil nature and they had no mentality to engage in hard work among general public just after the military confrontations. Most of the soldiers who were in battlefront were affected by the experiences of military actions. They had psychological problems which could be cured by only a well planned rehabilitation programme. But the Rajapaksha regime or the new government who used military into dispersing civil protests had no intention to relieve them of their military mindset. This was resulted in most cases of deserting the armed forces.