Police Commission Repeats Spokesman’s Version on Ryan Jayalath Abduction Case !


The National Police Commission (NPC) issued a decision resemble to ‘king kekille’ to the complaint made against the attempt to abduct the convenor of the Medical Faculty Students’ Action Committee Ryan Jayalath in front of the OPA building in Colombo 7, on July 20, 2017.

Dr. Vipula Wickremesinghe has submitted this complaint against trying to abduct people forcibly by officers who were in civilian clothes with no identity or without an arrest warrant.

However, the police commission has submitted a biased decision despite the seriousness of the incident, which the whole country was panicked and terrified, stating that it was an ordinary arrest, and the inquiry commission had conducted an inquiry into the incident.

Although it was stated that the police commission had conducted an inquiry regarding the incident, the police commission has provided only a two-page report without even contacting the affected parties thereby not considering the usual procedure in such an inquiry.

As they failed to abduct Ryan Jayalath in the midst of the capital in daylight on the 20th July, the Police Commission report attempt to show no abduction had taken place by ignoring the facts included in the complaint. The Police Commission has had a weak attempt to conclude the case by merely reiterating the views expressed by the police media spokesman after the scene.

However, with the Police Commission acting simply to ignore the seriousness of incident, it is obvious that it is not worth maintaining such a commission by spending public funds. Also the report submitted does not provide enough ground to take the case any further through a normal judicial process.

The worst of all is, even the doctor who made the complaint and the organisation he represents seems accepting the “Kekille” decisions of the NPC by not challenging the outcome.