Unemployed Graduates Stage a Protest Urging the Government to Fulfil it’s Promises !


The unemployed graduates union staged a protest in front of the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs in Colombo last Tuesday (21st) demanding jobs to meet the election promises made by the current good governance regime.

The Union states that there are around 35000 graduates who have been unemployed for many years while there are around 60,000 vacancies in various positions throughout the country.
According to the unions, the vacancies are being filled based on political gains for the local government elections. While there are unemployed qualified graduates all around the country and the jobs are still at vacant positions, providing temporary solutions on political grounds will not suffice.

The unions say their intention in staging protests is to force the government to intervene in the graduates unemployment issue and take decisions to resolve the matter by streamlining the system. Moreover the authorities have no idea of how many unemployed graduates exist, especially in the rural areas and finding solutions is problematic. It is clear that the country needs a proper national policy in order to resolve this matter.

A Member of the Unemployed Graduates Association, Ven. Thanne Gnanananda thero and several others were present.