Uma-Oya Project Continues, JVP Go to Courts Demanding Compensation for Victims


JVP’s Uva Provincial Councilor Samantha Vidyaratne said that the People’s Front Against Destruction of Uma Oya Project, filed a case in Uva Provincial High Courts yesterday (08) demanding to issue a Writ of Mandamus for allocating state relief funds to the people affected by the Uma Oya project.

Although the plaintiffs submitted the petition to the respondents through lawyers requesting to provide relief funds to the complainants before the 10th October, no response has been received so far. Therefore, the decision was taken to go to the UVA provincial High Court, the petitioners say.
The ongoing Uma Oya project has affected nearly one hundred thousands people and their houses, cultivations, schools, temples and business premises have been damaged. Therefore all these people have lost their habitual lives and have become helpless and homeless the petition points out. Instead of demanding to stop the destructive project the protest movement has diverted into a begging of compensation.