Oil Tanker Arrives and Sign of End to the Oil Crisis!


The Petroleum Resource Development Ministry said the oil tanker ‘Neverska Lady’ with 40,000 MT of petrol from the United Arab Emirates arrived in Sri Lanka and the checking of the fuel quality is underway.
According to Managing Director of the Petroleum stock terminal Sanjeewa Wijerathna the ship with 40,000 MT petrol arrived yesterday at about 11.45 p.m.to the Muthurajawela oil refinery complex jetty.
The pumping of the fuel will start later in the evening by today when the oil quality report is received.
The petroleum Cooperation refused to accept the oil from the ship Tom Afriate which belongs to the Indian Oil company due to poor standard of the oil on the 17th of October. At the same time an oil tanker which was scheduled to be arrived in Sri Lanka, ordered by the Petroleum Cooperation got late to arrive and created long queues for the last 6 days near the fuel stations around the island.