Ranil -Maithree Should Take Responsibility for the SAITM Issue ! – Islandwide Protests


A rally and a march organised at the Halawatha  town as a support of the hunger strike yesterday (7). Similar protest campaigns have escaleted islandwide.

Doctors at Halawatha Hospital, Medical students and their parents, Front Line Socialist Party, JVP, and school students marched to Halawatha town in response of government’s support for the SAITM institution.

After the rally the participant had burnt the dummies of MP Rajitha, president and the prime minister.

The representatives expressed their views at the rally. The student movement said that forces have been gathering to the struggle as the government keep silent on the SAITM issues and also protecting the institution. It is significant that the school students, medical officers, university teachers and leftist parties are also joining the movement to support the fight.