No SAITM Fast Unto Death Called Off After a Pledge by Harsha de Silva !


Having discussed with Deputy Minister Harsha de Silava, Medical Faculty Students’ Parents Association has decided to call off the fast unto death this evening(8).

The parents of medical students, commenced this fast-unto-death in front of the Ministry of Higher Education,on Monday (6) demanding that the government shuts down the private medical college in Malabe.

On the same day, President Maithripala Sirisena appointed a new committee chaired by Deputy Minister Dr. Harsha de Silva to implement the recommendations of the committee previously appointed on the SAITM issue and to consider other issues which have been highlighted.  Deputy Minister delivering a special statement in Parliament today, said that steps will be taken to abolish the private medical college by December 31, 2017. It is noteworthy that he is responsible in the capacity of the chairman of new committee, to implement the solution proposed by the previous committee headed by himself. However student movement, parents and many other forces in the No SAITM struggle rejected the government solution as a fraud. The solution makes one difference in the SAITM, a name change and transfer ownership to another party, they pointed out.

When the parents Fasting called off the convener of IUSF insisted that the decision is just another milestone in the struggle for free education. If the government intends to deceive struggle movement they are ready to resurrect with more energy.