Learn Lessons from the Oil Crisis to Win the ‘SAITM Struggle’! – Duminda, Nagamuwa


The Frontline Socialist Party says that the consequences of privatization of education and health are witnessed by the current oil issue.
The Front Line Socialist Party (FLSP) called up a media conference yesterday in support of the hunger strike launched by medical students’ parents. They urged the government to abolish the SAITM without risking the parent’s lives and children’s education.
The propaganda secretary of the FLSP Duminda Nagamuwa addressed the media conference.
The reason we have called for a special media conference as the Front Line Socialist Party is due to the hunger strike launched by the medical student parents’ union. The struggle has come to a crucial point where Government needs to intervene and come forward with a genuine solution. They need to either close SAITM and do a justice to the current students or make it the 9th medical faculty of the government.
Currently, we are undergoing an oil issue where not enough oil is available for the daily consumption. The government says they have enough supplies but people know what difficulties they have to face due to the short supply of oil. This problem is due to the fact that industry has privatised to be a profit motivated management of oil business. This same fate could be expected in education and health sectors if government efforts to privatisation are allowed.