Protest to Return the Lands Acquired by Palali Camp


The people who have been removed from their lands during the war, are demanding the release of their lands taken over by the Northern Security Forces Headquarters in Palaly, a protest has been held yesterday(05).

The traditional land owners,whose lands have been taken over by the war camps,

say that they were forced to live in a refugee camp for 27 Years. A large number of families lived in Valikamam North in Jaffna District also continue to reside in IDP camps in Jaffna.

Protesters are requesting the release of their traditional lands that had been taken over by the Security Forces during war times. There are over 1200 families whose lands are still with Jaffna Security Forces even there is no war currently.

TNA Jaffna District Parliamentarian Angajan Ramanathan and Tamil National People’s Front Party Secretary Selvarajah Gajendran participated in the protest.