Time Running Out To Deal With North Korea- Donald Trump


“The president recognizes that we’re running out of time (to deal with North Korea) and will ask all nations to do more,” White House national security adviser H.R. McMaster told reporters at a briefing.

As reports revealed North Korea wishes to conduct missile tests while Donald Trump’s  visit to meet up with some Asian allies and Leaders. His journey will be starting on Friday and visiting some Asian countries. He will visit Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, and China.

The pretext of the tour is to convince North Korea’s neighbours to impose continuous economic pressure on North Korea to compel North Korean leaders to hand over nuclear weapons. Trump is expecting to pressure on Chinese president Xi Jinping to reduce oil exports to North Korea and Coal imports from Pyongyang. Trump’s approach is to isolate Pyongyang from the rest of the world for a few months before making adjustments said, a top US advisor.

According to international media; South Korea’s spy agency told that North Korea might be planning a new missile test. Hence, the US military keeps an eye close on North Korea.

However, North Korea’s missile tests during Trump’s visit would provide to draw complete attention towards its weapon program. The international media says that Pyongyang pays close attention to Trump’s schedule.

CNN reported that North Korea has also been working on an advanced version of missiles that could reach the US. They are busy with improving the ability to launch missiles from submarines as well.