Government Solution for SAITM Crisis – A Change of Name & Ownership !


The government has proposed another solution for the SAITM, saying that, the name of the SAITM to be written off then it is to be carried out as a non-profitable institution.

According to this, the new institution to be under observation by the UGC and the Higher Education Ministry. Confirming that they charge the money when recruiting the new students, but the students from lower-income families move have the opportunity to study there with the loan facilities. At the beginning of the SAITM, quite a few times, scholarships like this given to make fairness of the privatization of the education.

Recruiting for the proposed new institution to be based on the minimum standard of the medical education which the government going to gazette via the ministry of health in the future.

According to this, the government decided to carry on the decision of selling the education continuously with the help of government sectors aiming to escape from welfare expenses and to surrender the social rights to the money market.

Several times government proposed solutions by saying to solve the SAITM crisis and even this proposal does not seem to include new ideas to solve the problem properly.