Sensitive Financial Data of the Super-Rich Have been Hacked !


Some of the world’s richest people were Wednesday October 25 braced for their financial details to be exposed after a major offshore company admitted its computer records had been hacked.
Appleby,a firm based in Bermuda with offices in many tax havens,said it was in the process of warning clients they may be implicated in a massive leak of sensitive information.
It is understood the leak involves some of britain’s wealthiest people,who were instructing lawyers and public relations companies in an effort to protect their reputations.
The disclosure of the leak also threatens to call into question the status of several British Overseas Territories which can offer tax benefits to the very wealthy. If questionable activities or conduct are exposed, the British Government is also likely to face searching questions over its oversight of the territories involved.
It is understood a global consortium of left-leaning media organisations is preparing to release the information in the coming days.
The leak comes a year after the release of the so-called “panama papers”, in which the hidden millions of some of the world’s rich and powerful were exposed. The disclosures led to the downfall of several governments.

-Telegraph group-