Minister SB Dissanayake Threatens Doctors and their Families if a Strike Against SAITM Started


Minister Dissanayake has publicly threatened the doctors saying that if they go on a strike against SAITM, their families and properties will be at risk within three days of such acts. He made the threat replying to a journalist question about the statement made by GMOA regarding the government failed to take necessary action against the SAITM.
Accordingly, Minister SB Dissanayake has threatened the doctors if they go on a strike, their parents, family members, children, and properties will be at risk.
In the past, having made such a statement, Minister SB Dissanayake has been imprisoned. But former President Mahinda Rajapakse’s intervened to release him from jail giving presidential pardon.
He had also made a derogatory public statement to former President Chandrika Kumaratunga, saying that he will make her walk on streets with underpants.
He has also been charged with election violence on several occasions.
There also had other allegations against him claiming that he had built a house in Haguranketha from Samurdi funds, but the matter has never been brought to justice.