The Youth Movement & the Great October Revolution


Marx and Engels began the Communist Manifesto stating that ‘A specter is haunting Europe – the specter of communism’.After 100 years from the great Russian revolution which brought the Communist Manifesto in to reality Adrian Wouldrig who is a popular capitalist ideologists by his article to the Economist magazine stated that ‘ uprising coming back’. He further stated that ‘ the grounds which created the Russian revolution and the current situation is drastically identical’
This is disgusting era of the world the specter of Russian Revolution remains and Marx and Engels in their work then described that ‘All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies.’In today’s context the above passage can be revised as ‘ Ranil,Maithree and Mahinda,paid employees of capitalist newspapers, ideological pundits and police-spies have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this specter’.
Why the Russian Revolution still shocks and panics the conscience of capitalists even after a century.Because it was the most significant incident of the world which guiding the future revolutionary processes. Even under the subsequent deviatory factors and collapses of the left movement still it motivates the progressive masses who believe a better world. IN a nutshell we must celebrate the Russian revolution not because of it was a past incident but it is guided the future society.

The Russian Revolution was not the world first Revolution. 1640-49 England Revolution,1776-83 American Revolution,1789-94 French Revolution,186-65 the Second American revolution are few prior revolutions. Those revolutions marked significant milestones of human history. However the Russian Revolution was the one which motivated the young generation of the world giving eternal revolutionary lessons. Even though the New York Times after the Russian revolution had undermined the existence of the proletariat government and predicted the immediate collapse of communism still it is the revolutionary theory of the world.
The youth generation is attracted to the Russian revolution not because it is the only alternative for future destructions of the world. The Russian Revolution provides the solutions for the current burning issues under the capitalism. The Capitalism deprives the right for education and the employment of youth. Under the Neoliberalism the education is the most endangered field of the world. Gradually social security services and concepts such as education, health, environment, human body are being converted to profit earning commodities by the capitalism. In Sri Lanka the student movement and progressive youth have been fighting to preserve the public education system for the future generation for more than 4 decades. If the neoliberal education reforms are established in the country it will confine the education for a privileged class pulling the majority of the society in to slavery. The masses already lead struggles against those privatization efforts. The Russian Revolution is the breathing factor of those rebellions.
The Soviet Union was able to assure an employment for each and every youth with maximum privileges and rights after the Russian Revolution. However in the present world the unemployment is a major problem which always manipulates by the capitalist to exploit the youth. In Sri Lanka unemployment rate is growing day by day and contemporary rights of the working force are being curtailed by way of manpower and contract basis employment. Due to the uncertainty of social security youth are compelled to go for foreign employment under unfavorable and unfair working conditions. Hence the practices under Russian Revolution always inspire the working class of the world.
Apart from economical right of the Youth the political rights also being curtailed by the capitalists. While taking oppressive measures against the youth and student movement the others are gradually taking away from the progressive politics. The children of capitalist politicians are succeeded to the politics as an inherited property and others are discouraged either by way of oppression or rewards. Therefore the youth generation who fight for political rights is always motivated by the Russian Revolution.
We are now celebrating the century of the Great Russian Revolution. The Mode of revolution might be outdated. But the aspiration, slogans, principles stand as before. It is high time to plant the revolutionary theories of the Russian Revolution rather than just celebrating it. The Youth generation must be taught the lessons of the revolution and encourage to change the world.