A Series of Public Seminars by the FLSP


The Frontline Socialist Party had with the intention of educating the common masses, decided to conduct the series of public seminars on several themes.

  • Is the Chauvinism a Solution or a Pollution?
  • The Working Peoples’ Struggle Amidst the Plunder of Imperialism
  • The Impact of Neo-Liberalism at 40th Year in Lanka
  • The Century of the Great October Revolution; Towards Socialism or Barbarism?

When contacted to comment on the islandwide seminar series, the Propaganda Secretary Comrade Duminda  Nagamuwa said that The objective of the seminar series is to make aware and educate the public on the political and economic situation of the country and to make them understand responsibilities lying on their shoulders. Education Secretary Comrade Pubudu Jayagoda said, “The party considers the programme as a part of ideological struggle which should be engaged by us with and among the working people including oppressed masses of the country. We all have a collective responsibility to build the party and to work collectively to defeat the common enemy.”

One of the seminars is under the theme of ‘’The Working Peoples’ Struggle Amidst the Plunder of Imperialism.’ Second is on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution. The theme is ‘’The Century of the Great October Revolution-Towards Socialism or Barbarism?’, The third seminar is on ‘The Impact of Neo-Liberalism at the 40th Year in Lanka.’ The fourth seminar will be conducted by the Movement for Equal Rights on the theme ‘Is the Chauvinism a Solution or a Pollution?’. These seminars are to be conducted in district level during the month of October and the next.