Same as Ranil-Maithree Alliance, Rajapaksha Regime was also Loyal towards Imperialism – Kumar Gunaratnam


“The US Embassy in Sri Lanka intervened to oust Mahinda Rajapaksha by capitalising the anti-Rajappaksha sentiments which had been growing against him during his dictatorial and nationalist rule to install Maithripala Sirisena. They decided that Maithipala Sirisena had been the better alternative to Mahinda Rajapaksha at the 2015 January presidential election to continue the unfinished neo-liberal program coinciding with their geopolitical interests in the region” said, Kumar Gunaratnam, the organizing secretary of Front Line Socialist Party. He further stated that the phony anti-imperialist slogans being used by Rajapaksha clique over time don’t make them anti-imperialist but mere nationalists and chauvinists. Rajapaksha clique had been using this phony patriotic slogan to deceive the public to maintain their power project throughout his decade-long rule. On the other hand same as the current regime of Ranil-Maithree, Rajapaksha himself entirely act according to the imperialist neo-liberal program imposed by the imperialist financial institutions including IMF and World Bank.

Mr.Gunaratnam has made his speech at a Seminar held in Gampaha yesterday (19). The seminar was organized by the Front Line Socialist Party under the theme of “mass struggle before the Imperialist hunt.”

He further stated that due to the foreign policy followed by both major ruling parties, drag Sri Lanka into the geo-political contradictions of China and United States in the region. The United States and India, the major ally of United States in the region, showed their dissatisfaction over the Chinese influence in Sri Lankan economy during the Rajapaksha era as well as the present.

Kumar Gunarathnam expressed his views over the nature of imperialism and how the economy of Sri Lanka related to imperialism.