Policemen Armed with Iron Rods at Anti SAITM Protest !


Journalists have reported that the policemen who came to attack the anti Saitam protestors have held iron rods pretending to hold baton poles.
There have been similar brutal suppression experiences during previous governments starting from UNP under J R Jayawardena regime in 1977, then by the Chandrika Kumaratunge Regime in 1994 and Mahinda Rajapaksha regime in 2005.
During the Chandrika’s regime, the journalists’ camera equipments were destroyed before attacking an opposition protest to stop recording of brutality.
The Rajapaksas government has been expelled by the public due to increasing numbers of attacks, abductions and disappearances during his regime.
The current government is clearly extending the practice followed by successive governments from JR Jayawardena to Rajapakse regime to repress peaceful protests. Current government’s practice of obtaining court orders to stop peaceful protest is also the same tactic used by the previous regime.