Police Brutally Assault on SAITM Protest; 10 Hospitalized, 5 Arrested and Released Later !


Anti -SAITM protesters including Political activists were hospitalised yesterday (10) after assaulted by the Police. University students, Buddhist monks and parents have been hospitalised for treatments. Further, to that, Duminda Nagamuwa of FLSP also hospitalised among those.

The police have arrested five student activists after the horrifying attack; an intervention of lawyers has released them. According to information sources, the police had received court orders regarding the protest. Anti-Semite activists say that collective demanding are people’s right and the public is compelled to do mass protests at the event of no solutions for the issues. However, the public does not need permission from the court as it is people’s right, they further added.

The government has always failed to provide any least solutions for the SAITM issue, and finally, they assaulted the peaceful protesters by using the police. Ultimately, peaceful protesters were accused of violation of court orders. These so-called government actions have become its usual practice at present.