Rajitha Senarathna Accused of Prejudice when Approving Medical Gas Tender !


Health Minister Dr Rajitha Senarathna, Secretary and few other top officials representing Ministry of health, have been nominated as respondents in a petition by The Ceylon Oxygen company to be taken in the supreme court .

The Company has challenged the tender proceedings of medical gas supplied to the hospitals, approved by the minister and the other officials representing the ministry of health. It is reported that there were only two companies made offers for the tenders called by the Ministry of Health for medical supplies such as oxygen for patients, gas for operating theatres and anaesthesia and gas storages including all other services.

The Ceylon Oxygen Company has filed a petition with the Supreme Court appealing that they have been the only supplier of medical gas to the hospitals over 80 years. However, the Ceylon Oxygen Company has accused the tender board as it has offered the tender to a new Company; Global Gas Company without doing the formal and proper assessment.