Mahinda Melted Rs. 1.4 Bn for Snow Mountain, Without Tendering to Discover a Faulty Feasibility Report !


It is reported that the Australian Snow Mountain Engineering Company, which was banned by the World Bank, has been paid with Rs. 1.4 billion for feasibility studies of expressway construction works in Sri Lanka.
The Rajapaksa government has appointed the company for the feasibility studies even without calling for tenders and has also paid additional payment by cabinet approval.
According to an agreement signed in May 2013, the company has been paid for doing the feasibility studies of northern expressway construction. They have also been considered for another 2 months additional payment as the company failed to complete the task within the agreed deadline. Therefore the government had to pay Rs. 1.4 billion for preparing the feasibility report.
However, since there are so many shortcomings, the Road Development Authority has considered it as an incomplete report. As such the report hasn’t been approved by the Authority.
It was Mahinda Rajapaksha himself who held the position of Minister of Highways for his own government.