Anti SAITM Movement to Get Momentum to Make Deaf Ear of Govt. Hear !


Anti SAITM Student & People’s Movement have organized a protest march in Colombo today(10) to demand immediate solutions for the worsening crisis of medical education owing to negligence by the government.

Student movement have been struggling to mobilise forces to condemn the jeopardizing of medical education as well as the commodification of education and health. In 2016, the Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) as the pioneer of Lankan student movement mobilised all the forces those who were opposing the South Aisan Institute of Technology & Medicine (SAITM) within a single stage as the Anti SAITM Student & People’s Movement. The trade unions related to education and health sector, political parties, university teachers, parents of university students, artists and other movements have been fighting together with student movement since the first rally held at Nugegoda on the 26th of July 2016. Today, the Anti SAITM Student & People’s Movement is going to mark the 50th day of continuous protest in front of Colombo Fort Railway Station, and the militancy of the struggle would be improved in order to force the government in bringing immediate solutions for the SAITM crisis.