Closing the Kelani Uni by Showing the Student Brawl, The Science Exhibition is Held with the Companies.


Even though the management announced that the Kelani UNI was closed and the science exhibition was canceled because of the student’s brawl, the science and technology ministry says they going to start the exhibition again. The exhibition was to be held due- to the 50th anniversary of the Kelani UNI throughout disputes, but finally causing the student’s brawl, and the students were against for the stoles meant for business promotions and military promotions included in the exhibition.The students conveyed their displeasure for quite a few staff individuals who try to get benefits from those companies.

Meanwhile, Science and Technology Ministry issuing a media release to say that the ‘Science 2017′ exhibition in Kelani UNI, to be opened for the public from yesterday. When the dispute errupted, Prof. Rohana Lakshman for the director of the University Communication Unit told the media that the management considering the situation, decided to cancel the exhibition and all the students were informed to be out of the uni-premise. Under these circumstances, all the weekend external lectures and academic tasks had to be temporarily cancelled, he said. However, the student activists expressed their ideas to us that, the management decided to start the exhibition unheeding dissents of the students and the brawl started as a way of organising to attract to students.

They further express their ideas that, quite a few individuals those who deal with the companies that want to upgrade their business through the exhibition, try to continue the exhibition ignoring the students’ dissents and sabotaging the studies of the university.