Attack of Arrested Protester by a Senior Police Officer, Condemned !


Protest expressed islandwide regarding a senior police officer attacking an arrested youth who is claim to be a freelance journalist.

This incident was occurred at a protest held on the 6th against long term leasing of the Mattala International Airport to an Indian Firm.  While two police officers were taking an arrested protestor the Higher ranking police officer had slapped him on the face. A video capturing this particular incident is now being circulating in the social media.  According to the Sri Lankan law an arrested person cannot be attacked by any means.  It is reported that the person who was attacked by the police officer was a paper reporter.

We had come across these kind of situations during the various protests held in the past.  The attack on a media person by the Chief  Navy  Commander at a protest held by the workers union of the Hambantota Harbour was such an another incident.  But, there was no inquiry held nor legal action taken in regards to that incidents so far.