Government Employee Imprisoned for 10 Years, But No Harm to the Minister Given a Luxurious House


An officer from State Timber Corporation has been found guilty of taking a bribe of Rs. 100,000 from a businessman, as such he has been sentenced to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. The people of the country are now questioning as to what will happen to the Government Minister who bribed a luxurious house according to the revelation by the bond commission.

The State Timber Corporation, former assistant regional manager of the Bandarawela Bindunuwewa office, Dhanushka Sampath, was thus sentenced for accepting a bribe from a businessman to grant timber stocks.

The Magistrate has considered a request submitted by the Assistant Commissioner of Bribery Commission Ms. Priyangani Jayalath to grant severe punishment to the defendant in order to deter other state officials from taking bribes. In addition to the jail term, the defendant Sampath was also ordered to pay a fine of Rs. 10 000 with the bribe amount of Rs. 100,000 taken by him.

However in regards to the fraudulent bond act, it is obvious that even before the case is taken to the magistrate, there are enough evidences to take steps against the Government Minister who has supported the bond fraud.

But the government has not taken any disciplinary action, instead when the interrogation are made, the government leaders follow a silent policy.