80% of the Confiscated Jaffna Land Given Back. Rest to be Given If Not the Defeat in 2015 – Basil Rajapaksha


The Jaffna citizens those who were deprived of their lands due to establishment of military camps should be given bck, and during the Rajapaksha regime we did hand over 80% of land back to the owners, says Basil Rajapaksha.
The leader of Podujana Pakshaya said this answering questions raised by journalists after a press conference held at Jaffna Press Club. During the war time hundreds of acres of land were taken in to the military camps forcefully by the then government led by Mahinda Rajapaksha. The confiscation was explained that arbitrary action as expropriation of land for high security zones. After the war in 2009 hundreds of people from Jaffna and other suburban areas held protests to release their land as they have to make a living out of them. But the Rajapaksha regime in which Basil Rajapaksha was the most powerful minister did not hear the humble cry of the people who were twice beaten by the war.
Basil Rajapaksha is now campaigning to regain power for the group of defeated regime, and he says already 80% of land were given by their government. He is giving a reason for not returning 20% of the confiscated land as the defeat of 2015.