Seven Criminals Who Murdered the Jaffna Student, Sentenced to Death !


Seven out of nine accused of abduction, rape and killing of Sivaloganathan Vithya, 18 year student of Punkuduthivu School in Kytes, were sentenced to death penalty by the Trial-at-Bar, which heard the case in Jaffna High Court yesterday (27).
The bench found the 7 criminals guilty of all 41 counts. Two other accused who turned state witnesses were exonerated of all charges. In addition to the death sentence, the convicts were sentenced to 30-years rigorous imprisonment each and fined Rs. 40,000 each and ordered to pay the mother of the victim one million rupees each as compensation.
The mother of the victim has been noticed by the court to attend the event of the verdict. A number of relatives and friends of Vithya’s family were among the crowd gathered in the court to hear the verdict.
Vidya’s mother has reportedly fainted before the verdict was delivered.
The convicts are Gopalsingham Jayakumar alias Ravi, Gopalsingham Navakumar alias Sendil, Wahalingham Sashidaran, Pillenadan Chandrakashan, Shivadeshan Thushanthan, Jeyadharan Kokilan and Mahalingham Sashikumar alias Swisskumar.
Vidya being a a student of Pungudutivu School in Kaytes was abducted on her way to school, later gang-raped and murdered on May 13, 2015.