Additional Solicitor General Condemns Insinuation by President Councillor Ramesh de Silva


Speaking to the bond scam probing Presidential Commission, the Additional Solicitor General, Yasantha Kodagoda condemned the statement by Mr. Romesh De Silva that the Attorney General’s Department is wasting taxpayers’ money by assisting the commission.
Ostensibly, President’s Counsel Mr. Romesh the De Silva had made such a reference following instructions to do so from his client Mr. Arjuna Mahendran and having received fees to make such an utterance, Mr. Kodagoda further stated.
Mr. Kodagoda also rejected the allegations leveled against his team stating that officers of the Attorney General’s Department are working on this Commission in the manner we do, in anticipation of promotions.
Indeed we are conscious of the need to ensure that we perform our duties in a conscientious and transparent manner, and do not engage in any conduct that would amount to fraudulent misappropriation of public funds or an extravagant use thereof, he said in a statement.
They have even taken a decision in March this year, to refrain from collecting the allowance they are entitled to, but committed to providing voluntary service required to unearth one of the biggest financial scandals in our known history, Mr. Kodagoda stressed.
He also reiterated that the application for a postponement of the examination of Mr. Arjun Mahendran was made due to reasons beyond our control, in order to get fully prepared, and not for the purpose of enjoying luxuries at the expense of tax payers.