So-Called SAITM Committee Report Has Released !


The SAITM safeguarding committee; appointed by the President Maithripala Sirisena has been presented so-called solutions as they have changed only the wordings from the government’s fake solutions.
The said committee, chaired by the deputy minister of National Affairs and Economic Affairs, has submitted 4 proposals. It has been suggested that the name of the SAITM has to be changed with standardizing.
Accordingly, the proposal does not have any clause regarding the closure of the SAITM however, it has been stated that the entire proposal will be presented on the basis of the government’s education privatization policy.
Further to the report, it has proposed a joint private and public partnership (PPP) for the SAITM and pointed out that the SAITM has to be non-profitable but should not be a burden to state finance. Therefore, the private sector has to invest the entire capital to the institution without gaining any profit, which is not obvious.
Neither Inter University Student Federation nor Medical Faculty Students’ activist’s Committee has called for the discussions prior to the report released.
This so-called committee has proposed to discuss the matter with a hidden opinion to encouraging the withdrawal of the strike action of the medical faculty students.
It is clear that the committee pretends to give a reliable solution for all the parties, however, it has proven that the government’s hidden agenda of education privatization policies finally.