Europian Union Concerns About Unfulfilled Sections for the GSP+


By considering the task of prevention of terrorism and the prevention of torturing. The delegation group from the Europian Union says The government must pay more attention to the areas where the EU hoping for the renovations.
After finishing their inspection tour yesterday, they concluded their report then admired the gained improvements for the areas such as human rights, labour, and environmental subjects, but further hoping for the other area’s rapid developments.
In connection with these matters, the ministers and the MPs of EU are going to review this matter in January. But the SriLankan government predicts the GST plus relief for Srilankan products to be activated from December.
The President of EU Mr.Tung Lai Margu and his group had a meeting with the Prime minister Mr. Ranil Wickramasingha. In the meeting, they raised their concern to take measures for the torturing of detainees, amendment of the Prevention of Terrorism Act, advice discrimination for the women and girls and problems for the detainees to get
law advice.e.
Especially they want the Sri Lankan government to carry out a specific policy regarding the detainees.