Medical Council Is To Take Action Against The Attempt Of Minimizing The Standard Of Medical Education!


The committee appointed by the health minister to finalize the government’s stance on the minimum standard of the medical education had prepared their recommendation in favour of the SAITM and other private educational institutes.

The problematic situation aroused due to the proposed standard.  The minimum standard committee of the medical council called for an urgent meeting on the 1st of September to take a decision on how to work on the recommendations.

The recommendations say, to minimize the training period of the medical students, to reduce the number of beds allocated for teaching hospitals and reduce the in taking of patients as well.

These amendments have been taken into account by the University Grant Commission with the intention of establishing new medical colleges and promote them.

According to the amendments forwarded by University Grant Commission, to establish a teaching hospital the minimum number of beds needed had been reduced from 700 to 470 and the usage of the beds by the patients had been reduced from 80% to 70%.

The attempt taken to promote the private sector to invest in establishing private medical colleges and let down the standard of medical education is condemned by the members of the medical council.

The medical council had called a meeting to discuss the prevailing situation.