Israel ‘Mossad’ Lost Mengele When they Kidnap Eichmann !


The Israel spy agent ‘Mossad’ says that they turn down the opportunity to kidnap Joseph Mengele; the Nazy “Angle of death” who killed thousands of people in Auschwitz the mossad found him living in Argentina in 1960.

Joseph Mengele, who was a doctor and was a senior SS officer of Nazy regime, appointed to be the doctor in Auschwitz killing centre where more than half a million killed in gas chamber. He particularly selected small children for his experiment before they killed. One night he killed 14 children. He was very popular among the children in the camp as “uncle Mengele” as he giving them sweets and chocolates but later all of them killed via lethal injection, shooting, beating, and through deadly experiments. In the women’s camp billet when all the women caught up typhus epidemic, his solution was to send all of 600 women to the gas chamber.

In 27 of January 1945 the Russian Red Army arrived and liberated Auschwitz camp but just before that, 17 of January he sneaked out from the camp and later he escaped from Germany to live in Argentina secretly.

From 1960, he was under surveillance when its agents seized the best-known of wanted war criminals Adolf Eichmann the founder of final solution of European Jews to kill in gas chamber. The agency released official papers on Mengele this week, confirming that the team it sent to bring Eichmann to Israel new where Mengele was too. At that time Mossad director Isser Harel was persuaded not to try to capture both men by the team leader on the ground. Rafi Eitan who is now 90 years of old and one of the country’s most famous agents told Israeli public radio that he had argued for one at a time approach.

“At the same time as we caught Eichmann, Mengele was living Buenos Aires. We found his apartment and kept it under observation “he told the radio. And he further said “I did not want to carry out two operations at the same time because we had one successful operation in the bag, and in my experience if you try to carry out another one you put them both at risk”, He said.

He stayed on after Eichmann was smuggled on board an El Al passenger plane to Israel, but Mengele realised what had happened. Later Mengele was not at home and the neighbours said he would be back in a week then we waited a week but in the mean time Eichmann’s capture was announced to the world. So Mengele never returned to his apartment in Buenos Aires. At one stage, Mossad tried to use a honey-trap, sending an attractive lady agent to get close to his son, Rolf in the hope that Rolf would reveal where his father was, but he did not reveal.

The Mossad could not catch Mengele until he died. In 1979 he suffered second stroke while swimming and drowned. His son said that Mengele never regret of what he was doing in the Auchwitz.All what he had told is, I did my job nothing else.