The Long Struggle Against Profiteering of Education !


The education has not been recognized as the fundamental right of the people by the Lankan Constitution. in contrary to that some developed capitalist countries have done so. On the other hand, the education is being made as the commodity in the open market by the neo-liberalist rulers of the country. The privatizing the education gradually is the policy of the bourgeoisie governments. The opportunity has been given to the capitalists to invest and make a profit on the education. The ‘South Asian Institute of Technology and Medicine – (SAITM)’ is one of its establishments with regard to the awarding of medical degrees, which has not been duly recognized by the medical council of Sri Lanka. The medical council is the highest and the authoritative body empowered by the law to recognize medical degree holders and to award the medical degree with completion of the established procedures according to the law. Where as ‘’SAITM’’ has no power to award medical degrees but they do with money.

The governments have been planning to privatize the education since 1981 the first programmer was introduced by the capitalist government in 1981 called ‘white paper’- the reform package on education. the privatizing programmer comes behind the banner of education reforms. The neo-liberalists discussed that the out dated systems in education have to be replaced by new. Finally, the responsibility for developing the education is being given to the investors. The legal frame works also have been formulated according to the interests of the investors.

The Inter University Student Federation (IUSF) has been struggling constantly against the privatization programmers of the neo-liberalist rulers. the IUSF is comprised of leaders of the general student councils of each university. One of the objectives of IUSF’ is ‘’to secure the free education for the younger generation and unborn generation ‘’. the several leaders of IUSF had to sacrifice their lives before the brutal repression of the bourgeoisie class in the course of its history.

Currently, the joint bourgeoisie government had expedited the privatizing programmer of education, and they have very openly declared that the government policy on education is to allow the private sector to invest.  Also, IUSF had decided to counter the government decision with the assistance of labor movement and with other oppressed social forces. the demonstrations, protest marches, protest rallies, awareness programmers including street dramas and songs, occupying public places and public institutions like University Grant Commission etc… are some activities, which they are using regularly to exhibit their disagreement and objection? They have the right to freedom of speech and expression. Even under the bourgeoisie democracy, those rights should be ensured. But it has been denied to the IUSF.