Inland Revenue Bill Is not for Tax Concession But to Privatize Tax Collection – FLSP


The government while introducing the new Inland Revenue Bill as a step to introduce the tax, concessions are getting ready to privatize the Tax collection machinery, Front Line Socialist Party accused.

Pubudu Jayagoda, Education Secretary of the party at a media conference yesterday (23rd) expressed views on the bill to be tabled in Parliament on Friday the 25th. The minister has expressed motive to table the new IR bill at the house which he wants to be passed on the same day. The haste to impose new laws in the tax collection is owing to the pledges given to IMF under the loan condition agreements signed for $ 1.5 Billion disbursed recently, Jayagoda revealed. If the aim is to reduce the tax burden on common people, the particular tax regulations must be reformed. Without no such procedures taken the new bill is aimed at systematically handing over the tax collection and tax management to the private sector. Pubudu quoted articles in the new IR bill which expose motives to privatize collective struggles must defeat taxation process along with other ne-oliberal plans of the government which he insisted.