The Second National Convention of Front Line Socialist Party


The Front Line Socialist Party Holds its Second National Convention on the 1st of February 2017 under the theme “A Party for the Class to achieve Socialism Against Imperialist Neo-Liberal Program.”

The convention is scheduled to commence at 10.00 am on the 1st of February at Colombo, Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, and the first session is open only for the party membership. The second session would commence at 2.00pm with the participation of invitees, delegates of the national and international level and the journalists.

On This day the party is preparing to publish three books on the theoretical aspects with the hope of educating oppressed masses and to mobilize them around the party. The book is “Marxist-Leninist Philosophy,” “The Revolutionary Masses Movement and the Party” and “A Marxist-Leninist Approach to the Solution of Proletarian Class for the Sri Lanka’s National Question.” These are works prepared to reflect the proletarian standpoint on the title’s subject matter and gone through to scrutiny of party organizations and put before the Second National Convention for approval. During the month of January, there will be an all-island propaganda campaign to improve awareness among the public on the importance of the Second National Convention.

Party has invited representatives from all socialist organizations and political parties at the national and international level to take part in the Second National Convention of Front Line Socialist Party.