Funds Raised to Buy Pet Scanner – Patient Dead, Money Still in Health Ministry !


Mr Hameed, a long battling cancer patient; son of Mr M.S.H. Mohamed; founder of Kadijah Foundation who has raised funds to purchase a Pet Scanner Machine to Maharagama Cancer Hospital has died today (12) morning after a long battle with a lung cancer.

Mr. Mohamed pioneered the fund raising campaign via the Kadijah Foundation in which he is the founding chairman. The Fund was established in 2016 to buy a Pet Scanner machine while his son Hameed being treated at Maharagama hospital for lung cancer.
Even though Mohamed had money to pay for his son’s medications, he had revealed to the media that he had felt other desperate parents who were not able to afford money for their children’s medications to beat cancer. Subsequently, some media institutions and all the other organisations come together to raise funds to purchase the scanner machine. Accordingly, 200 Mn rupees have been raised to import this pat scanner machine. The fund has received deposits ranging from Rs.50 to Rs. 35 million. Nearly 70,000 donors had come forward to support the campaign to get a Positron Emission Tomography (PET)scanner for the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama. Kadijah Foundation announced about an year ago. The funds have been ceremoniously handed over to the government, but it has not yet been imported due to the inefficiency of the Ministry of Health.