Attack on Protests and the Arresting is Violation of Rights


Lawyers argued today(19) that the attacking a peaceful protests and the arresting of those who engage in using his or her legal rights expressing non consent is violation of rights protected by the constitution.

Appearing for the rights of 8 students who were arrested during the students’ protest march counsel Rexi Piyadasa insisted that he was arguing based on the legitimate rights of his clients. A peaceful protest was attacked several times by the police and the students have been taking part of a legal and peaceful protest. They are the sons and daughters of the common people of the country. If they fear that the rights of free education is endangered by an institution which offers higher education courses for Rs. 12mn.,  they have a fair right to express protest.

When the North Colombo Private Medical College was approved by the then UNP government, students led a similar struggle and 19 ofthe active membersof the student movement had to sacrifice for what they believed fair and benefitial for the future generations. Counsel insisted that on one side there are students those who represent common people and they cannot pay Rs. 12mn. for MBBS digree and on the other side the SAITM which offers that for those who can afford it. So the government must have a policy decision whether to allow the selling of education in favour of privileged side of society or to stop it taking the other side, the common man.